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Experience the seamless fusion of functionality and aesthetics in our pre-engineered metal building projects. Our dedicated team transforms visions into reality, delivering top-notch results that cater to your unique needs and exceed expectations. Explore our impressive portfolio and witness our commitment to excellence.

CBS Projects

Crafted Excellence in Pre-manufactured Metal Structures

At CBS, we specialize in delivering top-notch pre-manufactured metal structures tailored to a myriad of industry needs. Whether it's the robust demand of agricultural settings or the aesthetic precision of equestrian arenas, our portfolio stands as a testament to our commitment to quality and functionality. Dive into our categories below and explore a world where metal meets mastery.

Aviation airhanger
Industrial - Recycling
Commercial Storage
Aviation hanger open door
Residential Garage
Aviation Helo Hanger
Commercial FLorida Coast Equipment
Aviation Airplane Hanger
Residential ManCave
Equestrian - WEF
Residential Garage Shop
Aviation Airplane
Industrial - Duke
Industrial - Building
Commercial Distribution
Business Development
Commercial Restaurant
Government FireHouse
Aviation hanger airplane
Agriculture FD
Aviation Hanger
Equestrian -Naples
Equestrian - Southwest Ranches
Equestrian - Kim Jackson
Recreation Backetball